Why Akothee Shouldn’t Be Excited Of Her New Boyfriend

Akothee is always up & down replacing men like it’s a piece of cake. The mother of 5 has had more boyfriends than her daughters; and she’s not stopping anytime soon. Menopause or not, Akothee is always willing to add to her 5 children- she has confirmed her love for children on several occasions.

She even promised to bear children for her ex-boyfriend Nelly Oaks. The two were enamored of each other until this year, where they decided to go their separate ways. The baby issue came to pass as Akothee didn’t fulfill it. In a matter of weeks, Akothee found a replacement for Nelly Oaks.

Akothee’s Failed Relationships

Akothee with son and baby daddy

Bearing that in mind, Akothee has dated several men; but none of them have been able to hold on; not even her baby daddy Jared; whom they sired together daughters.

Despite Akothee being wealthy, she has not found genuine love over the years. She has gone to the extent of dating white men; but it’s still not working.

That being said, Akothee’s most recent mzungu boyfriend might also end up just like the rest. Eventually, he might decide to walk away. And from what we know, Akothee is a don’t care who wouldn’t mind if he walks away. For this reason, Akothee should stop gushing over the new guy; as it might end up the usual way-breaking up.


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