Why Akothee will not be attending her sister’s wedding in December, she spills tea

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Akothee says her famiky has been stressing her with issues for months but in December 2021 she decided to cut off people bringing negative energy around her Aura.

Well, among the people she cut off are younger sister, Cebbie Nyasego and I strongly believe ex boyfriend, Nelly Oaks found himself in the mix too. Speaking during a live session on her gram, Akothee left many of her fans surprised by her confession – exposing her family for ganging up against her – yet she has no problem with anyone.

While on live, the singer let it slip that due to bad blood between her and Cebbie Nyasego – she will not attending small sister’s wedding set to happen in December. A hurting Akothee was heard saying;

We are having another event in December which I am also happy about. I am so happy. From the bottom of my heart, I mean well. The only thing is I was not going to go to that wedding anyway because me and my younger sister have not been in good terms for close to a year now, maybe you do not know. I haven’t said she is evil but I packed my bags out of that relationship.

She gossips me alot

As if that was enough – Akothee went on to clap back at her sister who allegedly claims the singer never defends her whenever dragged by tabloids or comments from fans.

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

To her, she has no control over such matters especially when Cebbie Nyasego is the one doing the gossiping. She said;

Again, another message landed on my table that my sister said that I don’t defend her when you people are attacking her. Please, I am human, I don’t know how I’m supposed to defend my young sister. She is the one who was gossiping me somewhere for reasons I don’t know then this thing went viral. This internet will kill me. Please delete those things. She was lying, she accepted she was lying, now delete it, it is not her.

And in conclusion – the mother of 5 begged fans to quit trolling her sister and Nelly Oaks – since the blame is landing on her.

Today I have asked for forgiveness on her behalf, please leave me alone I beg you. Don’t drag my younger sister on my wall, don’t attack Nelly Oaks, please let these people live their own lives. Please let me live my own life too,”

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