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Why Ali Kiba will never be greater than Diamond Platnumz

March 08, 2023 at 12:56
Ali Kiba

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Ali Kiba and Diamond have had a rivalry that has lasted for as long as both men blew onto the scene. The former was the first onto the scene and he locked down the noughties with his music but once Diamond finally blew up onto the scene with his song that captured Kenyans attention; Mbagala, the deal was done.

Ali Kiba with Hamisa Mobetto

Since then, the two men, both giants in the east African entertainment scene have been pitted against each other in competition. First it was the fans of each artist doing so then eventually a beef sort of erupted out of the blue between the two.

Harmonize should keep off Diamond Platnumz sister

Since then, they have been compared not much unlike is the case between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Who is better? Ali Kiba or Diamond? And to be honest, the parallels are rather striking! For starters, King Kiba, much like Messi, is the more natuirally talented singer. If you listen to Diamond Platnumz earlier songs, you will realize he has come a long way.

Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz

But much like CR7, Diamond Platnumz has put in the work. He is singularly the most industrious artist in East and Central Africa if not in the entire continent. When he isn’t at the studio cooking up new bangers, he’s at the gym chiselling his bopdy for the pleasure of his female audience. When not at the gym, he’s shooting a music video and if that’s not the case then he is out on tour. The boy will never be accused of being lazy because even his preferred leisurely activity, coitus involves alot of cardio.

Diamond Platnumz is right – most women want him for his money & success

And perhaps that is the reason why Ali Kiba will never compare. Scratch that, I am convinced that is chiefly the reason why. At some point, Ali Kiba signed an international recording deal with Sony Music Group and as happens to all African stars when they ink such deals, he fell off.

Salaam with Diamond Platnumz

You need to realise that the American record labels have a way of working that has been successful in the west (America and Europe) but they don’t understand the Kenyan, East African nor African market. Kiba isn’t alone in this as they nearly handicapped the likes of Wizkid who started recording music under the name Star Boy as a finesse.

Is Diamond Platnumz on steroids?

On the other hand, Diamond Platnumz partnered with Tanzanian multi-millionaires and his management team of Said Fella, Babu Tale and Sallaam SK (Sharaff). They are Tanzanians who had at some point worked for Mr Nice so they understand the ins and outs of East African entertainment intimately. They gave him the space to work and his success earned him more than just room to breathe.

Babu Tale with Diamond

Now, nearly a decade since the two started in the game, Diamond has a sizeable catalogue of hits and features. Meanwhile, Ali Kiba has a small catalogue and he even had to part ways with SMG back in 2021. If the two were ever to do a Versus style head-to-head play-off of music, Ali Kiba CANNOT keep up with Diamond. How can you be the greatest if your body of work is smaller than your competition? How Sway? You aint got the answers Sway!

And that is even before we begin to look at accolades outside music. We haven’t even began to discuss what they have done for the entertainment business. Good Lord the minute we start up there, the distance between the two becomes even mor vast!


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