Why Amber Ray always has messy relationships

Amber Ray’s immediate ex-boyfriend, a man who is known as Kabba has come out to bash her for what he alleges is her living a fake life or what he considers to be a fake lifestyle.

Amber Ray’s Ex-Boyfriend Exposes Her, Claims She Lives A Fake Life On Social Media(Screenshot)

Interestingly, he isn’t the only one of her men who has come out to attack her once they are done with their often short-lived flings. Jimal Roho Safi is yet another example.

So what is it about Amber Ray that makes her attract such men and why do their relationships often have the same terrible outcomes? It’s literally the case of “same script, different cast”. What I want to do is to explain to you why that is the case.

Amber Ray learns the true difference between clout and fame

The genesis of all her troubles stems from the fact that she is living her life for other people. She is literally trying to live a reality TV lifestyle through social media. And this affects all her choices. Simple things such as who she dates and where she goes to spend some R&R down to the people she spends time with are dictated by the factor which will translate into the most social media clout.

And as a result, everyone and everything she attracts to herself is fake. Every situation she puts herself into is fake so why would she expect to have any real relationships? What type of men do you think are attracted to a single mother who runs on social media and does all her digital heauxing in the presence of her son? Seriously, what sort of man do you think would be attracted to Amber Ray?

Amber Ray shares important life lesson she looks forward to teaching her daughter in future

That is why she only really seems to attract f-boys and men stuck in their teenage angst. Men who want to be known for bedding a “celebrity”. Men who do not see a real future with her perhaps with the exception of Jimal Roho Safi who actually married her in a traditional ceremony.

The type of men she wants to be around are narcissists. They are the type to follow their relationship on social media. That is why they ignore all the red flags she displays proudly. Never mind the fact that she too is choosing to overlook the red flags they display.

Amber Ray Confirms She’s Dating & Ready To Get Married For The 3rd Time (Screenshot)

And as a result, Amber Ray will continue to have short-lived and meaningless flings. As a result, every relationship she enters and eventually exits will be problematic both in their duration and at the end. The one thing that she seems to be lucky at is having learnt not to pick violent men.

But can you imagine what she is teaching her son? What do you think Amber Ray’s baby boy is picking up from the way his mother operates? I can already see another f-boy in the making.

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