Why Anita Nderu Changed Her Mind About Being LGBTQ

Anita Nderu has decided she is no longer a member of the LGBTQ community and do you know why that is? Because of something called the “epiphany stage”. A quick Google search will explain what that means but I know you’re as lazy as I am so I will instead just tell you that it defines the period in a woman’s late 20s/ early 30s when she realises she needs to settle down.

Anita Nderu Changes From Being Lesbian After Meeting New Mzungu Bae (Photo)

Mother Nature has a sick sense of humour. She gives women their highest value while they are young and that is when women have a lot of fun. I know a few people who knew Anita Nderu in her young, Hillcrest days and indeed, she had her fun. Then she moved on to dating quite a colourful bunch before announcing her engagement back in 2019.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

That engagement went belly up soon enough and she was left announcing to Kenyans that she was a true blue LGBTQ practitioner. This to me, personally, stunk of manipulation. I say this because it was like a person who just got fired saying that they quit. Yup, it was her lashing out at the world.

Anita Nderu claps back at critics pointing fingers at her after coming out!

Why am I saying this? Well, to be entirely fair, it is because she went from being straight, to being gay and back to being straight in record time. This is actually a huge problem that plagues the community: experimenters. People who dabble in what they consider a lifestyle yet for a lot of people this is their reality. They are not here to play games, this is who they are.

Anita Nderu

And Anita Nderu also decided to get married at the time when the sociological phenomena of “epiphany” came into play. This is the explanation of what was happening. This is the issue: she wanted to settle down but felt like the game had given up on her. It had rejected her. She was the reject and she couldn’t accept this fact.

Is Anita Nderu genuinely coming out of the closet or is she desparate for attention?

So she decided that all men were bad. Men were evil and she needed to take control of her life by turning to the LGBTQ community as a warrior against the travesty of men that life had visited upon her love life. That is why when Prince Charming finally presented himself, she abandoned her new lifestyle. That shows a lack of conviction. Zero faith in her new dispensation.

Anita Nderu
Former Capital FM presenter

Men are better with women. Women are better with men. But I am about to be crucified for saying so. What I will however say with no shame is that everyone has a right to love whomever they want. Just don’t be a Trojan horse. You’re messing with people who are living their lives and because of their proclivities, in Africa, this is a very dangerous expression of love. And you, Anita Nderu were only using it for clout and vengeance. It had to be said.


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