Why are people shocked by what Huddah did on video?

Kenyans were treated to a video of Huddah Monroe dancing and getting groped by some gentlemen of Arabic extraction and they went wild. One would have been forgiven for thinking that they were being treated to a video of a woman otherwise thought virtuous who was forced into a circumstance that was antithetical to her character.

Former socialite Huddah admits having an addiction to marijuana (Photo)

In truth, Huddah is a trollop and has been accused of being a trollop for the longest time so it really makes no sense for anyone to be busy acting like the video which was shared by Edgar Obare was a shock to the system. Or perhaps it was down to the fact that so many Kenyans had swallowed her reformed lady act and they were repulsed by the fact that she couldn’t do so.


But when we look at the facts, it makes sense that Huddah would still be plying the world’s oldest trade. And just like Vera, she was outed by her clients. Actually, I should have started here. Anyway, here we go. Huddah was outed by none other than her client who took videos of himself partying with Huddah and he shared them on his Instagram account.

Huddah Monroe’s smart response to male fan’s confession leaves Kenyans impressed (Screenshot)

And that is reminiscent to the way Vera Sidika was outed by her client turned boyfriend, Yommy Jones who himself was rumoured to be a Yahoo boy.


Anyway, after years of people whispering about and alleging the source of Huddah’s wealth came from her utilizing her best assets in horizontal endeavours, and this should put many Kenyans minds at ease. After all, didn’t popular influencer Joe Muchiri say what we already knew? But the Twitter squad rallied to Huddah’s side to defend her and now, he gets the last laugh when it really doesn’t matter.

Huddah exposed for stealing Ksh 4 million from a ‘Mzungu’ in the name of helping orphans in Mathare

And in truth, none of these revelations matters, because she is, isn’t exactly the type of lass whom many feel would be a lady or the bastion of prim and proper behaviour. She will continue to trollop and lie to young girls that this is a fun way to make money and travel around the world.


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