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Why Azziad getting a government job was wrong

March 06, 2023 at 17:30
Why Azziad getting a government job was wrong

Azziad got herself a plum government apoointment and no one can explain why. Naturally, this has upset alot of people who have been adamant that the person who did the appointment did so with ulterior motives And we can all say we kno0w why.

Is Azziad Nasenya’s Content Worth Her Endorsements?

Ababu Namwamba is the man who gave her the appointment and he isn’t known to be a man with great d-discipline. He was infamously involved in a scandal that involved his wives relatives and though he landed in hot water, his political career managed to somehow survive.

Team natural Azziad

Azziad isn’t exactly known for her talent. Her claim to fame is a video of her whning her waist that went viral during 2020 as every thirsty Kenyan man was on lockdown and not getting laid by their frustrated wives and girlfriends.

Azziad Nasenya Criticized For Not Being Good Enough For Creative Job

Because of the eagerness to fap to new material, her video was passed around until she went viral and a star was born. That is her claim to fame and the content most closely associated to her so why pray tell should she be given a posting meant to help direct the government on content creation?

Azziad Nasenya graciously flaunts her enviable bikini body

When you put two and two together a picture begins to form: a man who is known for his legendary thirst for women and a woman with no real talent who somehow got a job… Is that math mathing? Azziad however, is not without her defenders as a bunch of adult yes-men and clowns in the shape of  Chris Kirwa and Burale came together to forma cheerleading squad and you can already begin to see the people who are set to benefit the most from this appointment.

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