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Why Bahati imitating Diamond Platinum is perfectly normal

June 23, 2021 at 09:19
Why Bahati imitating Diamond Platinum is perfectly normal

Kenyans are busy mocking Bahati for imitating and actually outright cloning himself after Diamond Platnumz and Noti Flow is the most brazen celebrity to do so yet it is perfectly normal when you look at things from a neutral perspective.

“Moja ni luku mbwakni” Noti Flow reacts after stylist attempted to dress Bahati like Diamond Platnumz

But a lot of us have infused our emotions and distaste at the now-defunct EMB Records owner and CEO which is why we are quick to disagree with everything he does even when it makes sense and is pretty smart of him to do.

Take his clear pandering and imitation of Diamond Platnumz. It makes sense because Mondi is the biggest star in East and Central Africa. he has grown from strength-to-strength, having started out as a talentless hack from the slums of Tandale.

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And when he begun his career, he was singing on rubbish heaps and dancing in sewage but he managed to elevate himself and transform himself into the premier performer and crooner from our region -so why wouldn’t Bahati want to copy his playbook?

“Moja ni luku mbwakni” Noti Flow reacts after stylist attempted to dress Bahati like Diamond Platnumz

Even when it comes to fashion, Diamond Platnumz is the type of man who experiments with all types of fashion including high fashion. And though there are times when he doesn’t really pull off the look, he is very fashion-forward and willing to experiment.

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Bahati loses nothing from also trying to ape his fashion. He can find things that work for him and actually perhaps incorporate his own style at his level into what he has aped from Platnumz, owning the look and coming up with something unique.

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You see, you don’t always get to meet your mentors in the new social media world. Sometimes, you identify an industry leader or industry shaper and you learn from their successes and that is what Bahati seems to be trying to do.

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And who knows, Mtoto was Diana might just get to grab Mondi’s attention. perhaps this is how he will earn an audience with the man or even get signed to his WCB Records label and that would be when most of his haters would see Bahati’s vision and praise him for sticking to his strategy.

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