Why Bahati’s wife and baby mama don’t get along!

Diana Marua who is the legal wife to Bahati has finally come out to reveal why she no longer shares photos of baby Mueni on her page.

Bahati with his wife and baby mama

Speaking to her husband on one of her YouTube Vblog question and answer session; Diana for the first time opened up explaining why Mueni remains off her social media pages.

Well, turns out that Yvette Obura who is Bahati’s baby mama once attacked Diana Marua for getting involved in her daughter’s life; this is after Diana Marua convinced Bahati to come out clean about his child just a few months after they had started dating. Diana opened up saying;

Yvette Obura

Yes, unajua kuna social media na kuna real life, so social media kuna watu wamecreate their own life, like it’s another world that we live in. I have four kids in real life, that’s Morgan, Heaven, Majesty and Mueni that’s in real life. On social media I have three kids and the kids are Morgan, Heaven and Majesty. Do you know why? When we started dating you told me about Mueni and we had plans to get kids too, I wanted my kids to be out there coz my life is open

Bad blood between Bahati and Yvette?

Explaining how the beef started, Bahati wife went on to reveal to say;

Diana Marua

If you remember I’m the one who even opened her (Mueni’s) Instagram and we took some photos, then you requested me to post a photo of her; and I did it clean heartedly coz you requested me na hakukua na issue. I remember after posting Mueni’s photo I was attacked, and I was like I wasn’t expecting this. Mama Mueni attacked me, her sister also attacked me. So that’s why Mueni is not my daughter on social media. Mueni is my daughter but that’s how I will put it.

Not quite sure whether they will soon sit down to iron out their issues; but

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