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Why Bien no longer wears his wedding ring

July 29, 2022 at 15:06
Why Bien no longer wears his wedding ring

We all know that Sauti Sol’s singer Bien Aime is married to one Chiki Kuruka, a petite lass he had been dating for years before putting a ring on it.

Bien with wifey, Chiki

Well…these two appear to be the perfect match especially looking at their physical features; and their connection – also explains how they relate and above all there’s freedom and space in their relationship.

Yes freedom. You see, a while Bien hinted that he would be okay to have an open marriage – allowing wife to mingle with other people as he does the same – just to keep things interesting for their marriage.

Chiki with Makena Njeri

And I’m here like……Kwani niko nchi ingine? I mean, everyone I know prefers cheating on the down low. I don’t know whether it’s because the thought of getting caught gives them some good rush; or because it’s like playing hide and seek with a grown up – more of like narcissistic trait – but most prefer hiding.

Bien Aime on marriage & losing wedding Ring

Anyway….maybe that’s what they like and them being a young couple – of course means they also want to explore, right?

However this is not the reason why Bien Aime has been walking around without his wedding ring. For those who had not noticed – turns out that the Sauti Sol singer replaced his wedding ring; with a tattoo after losing his wedding ring awhile back.

Bien on why he doesn’t wear his wedding ring

Speaking to SPM buzz, Bien revealed that he misplaced the ring and although he tried looking for it; he finally gave up and decided to settle for a permanent solution – a tattoo that he won’t worry about losing.

Actual Ring saa hii ata ishalost, hiyo tatto nikiwek ndio imekaa the longest na haiwezi enda mahali.

Mmh not bad theory right….but like I said earlier on…freedom. Freedom muhimu.


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