Why celebs like Hamo embracing polygamy is a great thing

Hamo has come out essentially to let us know that he is moving forward with Jemutai by adding her to his family as one of his wives. I for one am happy to see this happen because it solves the greater problem of how he would take care of his children by her.

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The intrigue that Jemutai had created around their situation has no been put to bed with Hamo taking charge of the situation. And everyone gets what they want. For the comedian, he doesn’t have to take care of two separate households. For the comedienne, her children will be bastards no longer and they will also be taken care of by their father.

And this is a win for cultural connoisseurs such as myself and the men of high culture such as my mentors because it is an attempt to embrace aspects of our traditions that make sense such as polygamy.

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What do I mean? Well, when we see celebrities like Professor Hamo embrace things like polygamy, he normalises the rather higher cerebral function tradition and destigmatizes it for weaker men who would want to get involved in such unions but due to the weight of public opinion, they instead run around cheating.

Professor Hamo
Professor Hamo

You see, Hamo proved that high-value men are always going to have women who are willing to share them. Why? Well, Jemutai admitted that she found out he was married on their first date and she still went on to have a full-blown relationship with him including giving him, two children.

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What this shows is that he is not starved of dating options. So what would you rather he do? Keep running around and cheat? Or would you rather he actually do the right thing and step up to the plate and declare both women as his wives and actually take care of them.

Prof Hamo
Prof Hamo while he was still at Hot 96

This is a representation of men who have done the work to build themselves up. They finally got to the stage of success and the women have come. Instead of them sneaking off to Naivasha, why not embrace the wisdom of our ancestors?

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