Why the Chebet Ronoh story is a sad one

Image: Chebet Ronoh at K1

Chebet Ronoh first appeared on the scene as an Instagram comedienne. It was really a shock to the Kenyan social media experience as we did not have comedians sharing content we could relate to. As a result, she gained followers very fast and became a social media phenomenon.

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And as her story began to soar, Chebet Ronoh found herself a gig on NRG Radio where she was part of a team that was meant to target the youthful demographic. Her star seemed to be on the rise and the sky was the limit.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh back on air at Homeboyz radio for her short-lived stint

However, for some reason, it imploded just as fast as it had exploded onto the scene. First, we saw her exit from NRG Radio and she did so in a manner that doubtless left bad blood between her and the company. You see, she would talk trash about her ex-employer and given the context of Kenya’s job market, that is a serious no-no.

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Anyway, Chebet Ronoh then seemed to go off a wagon and was always seen getting high and enjoying herself in degeneracy and debauchery. She didn’t go back to doing what had got her the attention and accolades that had made us notice her. Instead, she chased solaced at the bottom of alcohol.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh at K1

It was sad to see as Ronoh went from vibrant social media influencer and comedian to neighbourhood drunk. And this was during the one time when social media content was undergoing a boon as we all had to stay home due to the Corona quarantine.

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Chebet Ronoh was then later thrown a lifeline when HBR signed her on as a radio personality. This was her shot at setting things right and showing up her naysayers. Most of her fans were excited for her and waited for a minute for her to finally be back on air and when she did, there was jubilation.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh in a swimsuit

But this stint was even more disastrous than the previous one at NRG Radio because it was so short-lived, it was akin to a fart. Sure, Radio Africa is not known for being a champion of creativity but the fact that she couldn’t adjust to her reality was heartbreaking. But at the end of the day, she had been presented with two golden opportunities. Two more than most people are presented with in Kenya.

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And so we are now faced with a Chebet Ronoh who doesn’t know what to do with herself as she simply moves from one party to the next and simply drinks and gets up to antics. She was last on the collective radar when she was drunk and disorderly at Carnivore and had to be booted off stage which she had bumrushed for no good reason.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh looking good in a modest outfit

And we have to wonder, why did she get here? It is probably because Chebet Ronoh hasn’t surrounded herself with positive forces and energies. She has no one around her who is willing to help hold her accountable.

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Chebet Ronoh lost her social media crown to Majimbo who seems to have more discipline. That is the key ingredient Chebet Ronoh seems to be lacking. The discipline which she seems to not care for. As a result, she seems to everyone looking in from the outside to be spiralling out of control.

Chebet Ronoh
Chebet Ronoh posing for a selfie

it is the well-worn story of a young person getting fame and renown before they are mature enough to handle it. But perhaps all isn’t lost. She is back to posting more regu;larly so that is a start because I will admit that I am more a fan of her comedy than the tribal/ buffoonery brand a lot of Kenyan comedians favour.

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