Why Chiki Kuruka Is Insecure About Her Husband Bien

Image: Bien with wifey, Chiki

We have to agree that the relationship between Sauti Sol star Bien and Chiki Kuruka is tantamount to perfect love. From the way the two sweetheart cosset each other over & over is just so admitable. And there’s no doubt that they’re a perfect couple having each other’s back.

Recently, Chiki was recorded shoving off a lady from Bien as she tried to grind him. The lady, who happened to be a huge fan of Bien, got overwhelmed to the point of falling for the temptation of teasing Bien.

Upon seeing what was happening, Chiki Kuruka was forced to take action after the lady got persistent grinding on her husband during the concert held on Saturday, January 28.

Bien is seen harmlessly staring at the lady as he slowly walks away from her as Chiki lead her on.

Bien’s show was well attended and at some point, she was joined on stage by his wife Chiki Kuruka. The dancer danced together with her husband as he performed, leaving revelers cheering.

Insecure Love

Just like many other relationships, insecurity exhibits itself. But Chiki here knows how Bien is on demand by Kenyan hotties. She would never trade a minute for Bien to mingle with other women; evidently from how she behaved during the concert. All it takes for a man is just a proper tease- and he’ll probably fall for it. This is what Chiki was avoiding. And this is exactly how to make sure your man isn’t snatched from you.

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