Why Count Dantez is gaining massive recognition across Africa

One thing about Africans is that they love good music and they support that – which touches their hearts and for this reason we have seen international acts receive massive support across Africa and continue to garner millions of views from them.

With that said, you can now understand why an artist like Count Dantez – an African American is now giving most African artists a run for their money. Well he is not only good looking (judging from the comments ladies leave on his posts) but he is talented, well organized and above all understands his audience hence the kind of music he continues to release.

So far Count Dantez has a couple of projects he is known for that is – Foreign, know me among others but nothing beats his latest song dubbed Prophecy – a hiphop banger that has caught the attention of many.

Well, unlike his other projects – Prophecy talks about the reality we are living in…i.e preachers asking for bucks from the congregation in the name of God – a money making scheme that many Bishops, pastors and ‘servants of God’ have perfected.

Count Dantez

Hiphop still alive

Being a hiphop artist – Count Dantez has delivered his message in following bars and even better – invested in high quality eye catchy visuals that will leave you rewinding every now and then.

With this kind of energy and talent – we honestly can’t expect our radio and TV stations to keep preaching play 75% kenyan music yet our own artists are not borrowing a thing or two from foreign artists.

I mean – the music industry keeps changing and change being inevitable, our local artists will either have to keep up or get overtaken by the likes of Count Dantez who are ready to deliver to fans across the globe.



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