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Why Daddy Owen wants a kienyeji wife

November 03, 2022 at 16:23
Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen has come out to say he wants a kienyeji woman and Kenyans seem hellbent on helping him identify a wife. Why this is working for him where it failed for Ringtone is because he is seen as unproblematic.

“I want a village girl” Daddy Owen reveals the type of woman he would consider settling down with

But why does he want a kienyeji woman from the village? Well, that’s because he has been burnt before when he tried to settle down with a woman who was already a single mother when he met her and who left him for a wealthy man when his chips were down.

Daddy Owen learnt the painful way that a man is only as useful as what he can bring to the table. And when he was down on his luck for whatever reason (he fell off), his wife found herself a businessman who was doing well and she sunk her teeth into her new victim. That situation I just described was Briffault’s Law in action. He found out that it’s the woman who decides with whom to form a family.

Daddy Owen is a painful lesson for weak men

And now that he has been betrayed, he has taken those lessons and decided that what they were meant to teach him is to run to a naive girl from the village. On the surface of it, it makes sense for Daddy Owen to want a simple lass but since he has’t changed who he is, the issues will eventually bubble up to the surface again.

Daddy Owen’s ex-wife, Farida

She will get to Nairobi, marry him and settle down into a happy life. Then she will get exposed to her new life and everything it comes with and she will decide that she wants to date a man who is either wealthier or better at being a man.

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And Daddy Owen will find himself back at square one. What he needs to do is to look within himself and as painful as it will be, he needs to examine his failings honestly and hold himself to the flames.

Daddy Owen with ex wife, Farida

Fire purifies so he needs to hold himself up to it. Do an audit of everything and how he failed as a man. Once he has done so, he will know what he needs to do to improve. Sadly, no man in the church can help him because they are all swindlers of simps.

‘You Will Be Betrayed, Cheated On, But Seek Help When Necessary’ Daddy Owen On Mental Illness

He needs to seek out some real masculine men and at the onset, he will not find their ideas palatable but eventually, he will get better at being a man.

But will Daddy Owen do the time? Will he put in the work? No. He will look for the most basic village girl and then get upset when in 10 years she walks out on him and gets with a businessman.

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