Why Diamond Platnumz buying a Ksh 5M chain is an investment

Diamond Platnumz is running around with a piece of jewelry around his neck that costs more than my mother’s car.

Diamond is expanding into the South African market

Usually, that sounds like just about the dumbest thing any artist could ever do but I am of the opinion that in this case, it was one of the smartest things he could possibly do.

Diamond Platnumz
Babu Tale with Diamond Platnumz

And trust me when I say that by the time I am done with the article, you too will agree with me that what Diamond PLatnumz did is pretty smart.

Fans cheering up Diamond Platnumz with “still a winner” posts are pitiful

You see, to get why I am of this opinion, you must also think back to when Forbes released its list of Africa’s richest celebrities.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond was left off the list. And that stung him. All his detractors used that to claim that he was just postulating and “forming big man” as one of my mentors puts it.

Why everyone believes Diamond Platinumz new relationship won’t last

However, Mondi realised he cannot simply insult his detractors. He must show Forbes that they were wrong and force feed them the disrespect they served him.

Diamond Platnumz

And so he has been splashing out on some rather ostentatious gifts to himself. First was a Rolls Royce 4×4. And now it is a 5 million shilling chain and pendant.

And what does this “investment” get him? For starters, free advertising. Everyone in Africa is talking about this Tanzanian phenomenon.

Diamond Platnumz

He has gotten free sponsored content across the continent. And the second thing is that it firmly stamps him as the biggest artist in East and Central Africa.

However, the best thing this chain buys him, is respect. Not the respect of the local buffoon seated in Tandale, telling everyone about how when they were in high school, he bullied Diamond Platnumz.

No, Forbes has taken notice. Other artists have taken notice. And as a result, I promise you that this man’s phone is blowing up. Every one wants to a piece of his success. He has artists from Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, South Africa, Congo and even Morrocco blowing up his managers phones trying to lock him down for a collabo -and that is before we turn to the West.

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