Why Diamond Platnumz didn’t defend Tanasha against Mwijaku’s claim

Image: Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz was mute during the entire spell when Mwijaku was busy claiming that it was really he (the comedian) who had fathered Tanasha’s son. Let that sink in. A man who once claimed to love Tanasha Donna with all his being was not just slow to act but actually didn’t seem to give a damn.

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That fact piqued my interest as we watched Tanasha shout herself blue in the face to defend Diamond Platnumz and their son who in effect was being called a bastard for nothing more than a punchline. I applause Tanasha Donna for not tolerating that nonsense as sometimes we have to dispel all doubts.

Diamond and tanasha
Tanasha and Diamond with their baby

But what about Diamond Platnumz? Well, to be fair, he might have known something we didn’t which is why he was silent. Perhaps his silence is supreme confidence. He saw no need to involve himself in a fight with little more than a court jester.

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Or perhaps Mondi was content to watch his former beau’s struggle to defend the child. Knowing him, he was probably just chilling somewhere enjoying the exchange and seeing Tanasha show pure hostility.

Diamond Platnumz son
Diamond and Tanasha´s son had a black charm tied around his wrist to ´protect´ him

Or maybe, just maybe, Diamond Platnumz had no idea what to think so he was watching to see her reaction. Perhaps unbeknownst to us, he was busy sending a flurry of text messages that kept edging Tanasha Donna on as she was simply tired of having to assure diamond Platnumz that their son was indeed the fruit of his loins.

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Or maybe, and here I think I have stumbled upon the real reason, but maybe Diamond Platnumz just didn’t care. he didn’t know what was happening and he didn’t care. Or perhaps he was aware and he just didn’t care. So he was unaware. And his handlers ensured he had no idea what was going on for fear of feeding his insecurities seeing as how he had to deal with the same emotional hell he had to deal with when the whispers were raging about Zari.

Diamond Platnumz
Tanzanian music icon, Diamond Platnumz

Whatever the case may be, Diamond was silent and as they say, silence too can be deafening.

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