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Why Diamond Platnumz’ rumoured chipo Poshy Queen got engaged

July 25, 2020 at 19:21
Why Diamond Platnumz' rumoured chipo Poshy Queen got engaged

Poshy Queen got engaged earlier this week and from the looks of things or rather the feel of it, her Naija fiance was feeling pressed and he buckled to pressure once she began being tied whether loosely or not to Diamond Platnumz.

Tanzania’s extra curvy socialite Poshy Queen engaged to longtime lover! (Photos)

You see, Tanzanian tabloids had begun to link the pair, Poshy Queen and Diamond Platnumz, and Poshy Queen stood to lose more than many were aware of as she had a serious relationship. And her fiance too, who has been more than happy to stand in the shadows and allow her to do her socialite tings decided he had to let everyone know “it might not speak but it breathes“.

poshy queen getting engaged

And so he went down on one knee and asked his lady love to share in his life and fortunes as he goes through life and he elected to do so in public so everyone knew she was spoken for -a mistake in my eyes.

Diamond Platnumz alleged baby mama Poshy Queen responds to pregnancy rumors

You see, if Poshy Queen is in a relationship, it is incumbent upon her to self-police and keep everyone else off her as she is with a man. And as Julius Caesar once said about his wife when rumours abounded about her being caught up in infidelity, “Caesar’s wife must be above reproach”.

poshy queen

And for Poshy Queen’s fiance, the reason why he had to pull the trigger and finally pop the question is clear: Diamond is a high-value man who can take your babe if the thought crosses his mind. Our friend here had to lock that down.


Poshy Queen, however, had her reasons for agreeing to the marriage proposal. And the first of her reasons is the fact that she isn’t getting any younger.
Like it or not, age is usually a factor in the modern woman’s determinations of whether or not she will become a Missus.

diamond platnumz

Bongo Flava sensation, Diamond Platnumz

Secondly, Poshy Queen is feeling the pressure of having rumours circulating about Tanzania and East African at large linking her to Diamond because let’s keep it a buck, Mondi isn’t the type of man who has other men willing to date his sloppy seconds. And the biggest reason for this is the fact that he clearly is averse to using prophylactic. No one wants to touch what he has left for a serious relationship because of the broken state he often leaves his beaus.

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And the third reason for her to agree to the engagement because she is head over heels in love with her man. I jest. She agreed because at the level at which the rumours had circulated, her best bet for keeping omo Naija was to agree to his proposal then leave that situation in limbo rather than reject his proposal because in his mind would this would have justified the rumours.


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