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Why Diana Marua keeps talking about her exes

March 08, 2021 at 11:41
Why Diana Marua keeps talking about her exes

Diana Marua has made a habit of constantly dragging up her exes whenever she decides to do a solo video and this is both perplexing and troubling because she is supposedly a happily married woman.

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Also, it makes having dated Diana Marua a serious pain in the posterior because you have no idea when she will bring you up. It would seem she has no idea of the concept of statute of limitations because you could very well be in a happy marriage with children of your own and boom, your ex is bringing up your relationship from a decade ago.

Diana Marua

Diana Marua is always going on about her exes

Usually, this is a sign they haven’t moved on but I am sure Diana Marua will argue to the contrary. Anyway, one can’t help but feel sad for Bahati whose wife is always bringing up her exes. this is some new-fangled method of cuckoldry but at the end of the day, he signed up for this mess.

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The question, however, that remains unanswered is why. Why does she keep bringing up her exes? And that is what I would like to get into. We need to delve into it as far as we possibly can in a Ghafla article.

Diana Marua

Diana Marua’s birthday series in which she surprisingly did not tell us more about her exes

I would argue that there are three reasons why Diana Marua keeps bringing up her exes and they are:
#1. They were excited as compared to her boring existence
#2. She is reliving the thrills of her past
#3. They are a source of cheap yet exciting content

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Diana Marua’s exes were the epitome of excitement

She seems to enjoy retelling the stories of how she was once a married man’s chipo. She seems to enjoy telling us about how a former lover went around to gloat about the fact he had smashed her.
The reason for this is because these men were genuinely exciting and exhilarating and as a result, her body reacted as it should when it is aroused. Compare that to her safe, promised existence and you can see she misses the tingles she got.

Diana Marua

Mrs Diana Bahati

Diana Marua is reliving her thrilling past

Her memories are her fantasies and the fact that she has an audience that joins her along on this trip only serves to make the experience even more viscerally exciting. Whenever she posts these videos, other women share their experiences with their Wafula Thundercock former partners. To me, it reads like a digital erotica orgy. She coos about the excitement she had running around and hiding her affair. The fact that the men she was with were dominant and I cannot help but look at Bahati and realize he is not the type of man she would generally be excited by.

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Her old relationships are a cheap and exciting source of content

It is lazy but it is efficient. She doesn’t have to create anything new, she simply closes her eyes and taps into her mental wank bank and she remembers all the exciting DJs, businessmen and rumoured football players that would get her soaking wet and she excitedly tells us about the memories they made together. All she has to do is remember to “create” a moral for the story when she is done with her salacious memories.

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