‘Why Do Kenyans Have So Much Hate?’ Corazon Kwamboka Hits Back After Being Trolled For Posting A Throwback Photo

Corazon Kwamboka is proving to be vulnerable to online trolls after posting a rare throwback photo when she was in New York. The hilarious reactions on the comment section seemed to have gotten into Corazon’s nerves.

After allegedly snatching Frankie from Maureen Waititu, it seems like a section of her fans are not happy; and neither is she happy with them.

Here are some of the various reactions she got on the photo that pissed her off;

Enough Is Enough

Corazon has made her comeback; saying that Kenyans are idle. She wrote on her Insta stories;

”Why do Kenyans have so much hate and idleness? Could this be the reason most of the youth are struggling and broke? Focusing their energy on people they know nothing about. How stupid do you have to be to go to a strangers post to comment nonsense. Most of them have never left their village borders and it shows.”

This is not the first time Corazon has been upset by people’s comments. Earlier this year, Corazon savagely hit back at people who advised her on how to raise her kid Taiyari; and said she doesn’t need anyone to lecture her over the same.

Unlike other celebrities, Corazon doesn’t assume her haters on the comment section. Maybe she’s just too sensitive to ignore.

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