Why do Kenyans keep recycling old talent?

Why do Kenyans keep recycling Talent? that is the question we are trying to tackle today. What I mean by this is the fact that we have the same Radio presenters the same TV presenters the same entertainers that we did a decade ago still being pushed by corporates and mainstream Media even though they no longer have a dedicated fanbase to flaunt.

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Young Kenyans I have experienced a boom in terms of opportunities to launch their careers by the comedians like Crazy Kennar, new artists like Wakadinali, or even just lifestyle stars like Thee Pluto, it’s clear to see young Kenyans no longer feel connected to the old crop of celebrities.

Amina Abdi Rabar

Yet any time you switch on the radio you’ll hear the same old voices and when watching TV you see the same old faces and mainstream Media keeps wondering why they are hemorrhaging viewers. And at this point it’s just pathetic.

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But this is nothing new as the previous generation too faced the same however back in the day there weren’t as many avenues of entertainment and social media so mainstream Media could act as gatekeepers.

But the new crop of Kenyan celebrities do not need to be co-signed by anyway I do not need to be elevated by any a cake structure and so we have witnessed the Democratic version of celebrity Hood and as long as you’re content resonates with the audience, you will become a star.

Gone are the days when we would be force-fed aging and washed-up celebrities who cling onto the moniker of being “youth” even though their last hit song came 7 years ago. And this is unfortunately evident without such as Avril who released a song recently on her YouTube channel only to see it garner 1000 views.

Of course there are some exceptions such as Nyashinski but by and large Kenyans are manufacturing their own celebrity is regardless of what mainstream media says, so why are corporate sponsoring concerts that boast artists who have aged out of relevancy?

Why are lifestyle shows still being hosted by people whose clout has long been dwarfed buy more relevant younger Kenyan celebrities?

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