Why Eric Omondi is responsible for Ezekiel Mutua’s arrogance

Image: Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is only now beginning to realize that we were right all along: his kowtowing and bucking and jiving to impress Ezekiel Mutua has created a monster.

Eric Omondi Explains His Strategy To Impeach Ezekiel Mutua If He Doesn’t Apologize

First for some background. Eric Omondi has been the one entertainer who has borne the brunt of Ezekiel Mutua’s fury. The pocket tyrant seemed to solely focus all his angst towards the comedian’s show “Wife Material”.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

And rather than find a new way to distribute the content or perhaps even move to one of the neighbouring East African countries to shoot it, your favourite comedian decided to bend over backwards to make amends with the resident pocket tyrant.

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While no one can fault Eric Omondi for the decision he made, what has become abundantly clear is that I was right in warning that this would only embolden Bwana Mutua, the morality police clown.

Eric Omondi
We are now at a point where Ezekiel Mutua openly mocks artists and entertainers and tells them that their talent doesn’t pay. That really does show you the thought of lonely thoughts that crawl around in the man’s coconut. He is not predisposed to building but to tearing down.

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Bwana Omondi should have tried to unify some of his celebrity friends and they would have then taken their grievances to either their MP friend Jaguar or the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

Eric Omondi
How it went down at Eric Omondi’s studio and office launch event (Video)

Ezekiel Mutua afterall, is merely a roadblock. A threat to our talented youth so that is something that I am sure Jaguar would have championed especially with us gearing up for the next election cycle.

‘Wife Material Itaisha Nikiwa Na Bibi Na Watoto’ Eric Omondi

And now Eric is left to fight this war seemingly alone as all the other celebrities hide behind him. And his idea of fighting our dear pocket tyrant has been for him to spread Ksh3 million on the floor and bed of a hotel room to show that he is infact making money

Great argument strategy. Now he will surely have to contend with KRA.

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