Why Esma Platnumz will never be able to sustain a marriage

Image: Esma Platnumz with Mr Okwonkwo

Diamond Platnumz and his sisters Esma Platnumz and Queen Darleen seem incapable of naturing and maintaining their relationships and marriages. And this is something we have all seen though perhaps not all of us have taken note as to why it is and what it says about them.

“Tumeachana!” Mama Diamond Platnumz responds after fans ask about her husband’s whereabouts

That is how I had begun a previously done article. It would seem that these words were prophetic because now more than ever, Esma Platnumz has made them so. She, like her brother, has seen her most recent relationship go belly up like some dead fish -I am craving Tilapia.

Esma Platnumz
Esma Platnumz with her newly wed

Anyway, Esma Platnumz, on her part, got married recently and less than two years on, her marriage is said to be in the toilet along with what’s left of my hangover bowel movements. Hers is a marriage that is a dire warning to women who believe that merely getting the ring is the end all and be all of life. The type of woman who pursued the wedding day as a societal trophy. Her husband and the union they shall have is secondary to the satisfaction of saying her vows. And as a result, Esma Platnumz and women like her make two mistakes.

Wueh! Esma Platnumz ex-husband throwing shade after successfully reuniting with 1st wife

That is why even as the details of the break up are being revealed, all she cares to do is save face by refuting the fact that she was dumped by her husband in preference of his first wife, and instead was the one who walked away. One would have thought that she would rather be fighting for her marriage and their love by going to counsellors and therapists.

Esma Platnumz
Newly wedded wife, Esma Platnumz

Instead, Esma Platnumz is busy throwing shade at her ex-husband and he is retaliating in kind. Clearly, this was not a marriage meant to amount to more than a photo-op. This was a publicity stunt. For Esma Platnumz, a stable relationship was not a requirement. She just wanted to be able to say she had a husband, rubbing this fact in her haters’ faces.

“Ata bure simtaki ” Esma Platnumz facing same fate as her former ‘sisters in law’

Where does all this stem from? I would argue that this is something they witnessed growing up from their absent deadbeat father and the relationships their mother, Kendra Sanura subsequently got involved in. Both Diamond and Esma Platnumz were socialized into their distorted and malformed view of relationships. They might actually be interested in making their relationships work but they simply don’t know how.

Or they could simply not know how to choose partners for healthy relationships because all they were socialized to like was damaged souls who match their broken selves. So they go for all the broken men they saw their mother date or they go for the behaviours those men had in the assumption that women love that sort of mess. And perhaps they are right but it translates for poor relationships that always end with a string of broken hearts and damaged children.

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