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Why Harmonize is really getting involved in Rayvanny’s woes

February 18, 2021 at 11:40
Why Harmonize is really getting involved in Rayvanny's woes

Harmonize is currently dating a much older lady called Kajala and the couple seems happy with each other. However, Harmonize has decided that them dating for a few months is worth him getting involved in Kajala’s family drama and woes.

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This means that he has embedded himself deeply into the crazy drama that has engulfed Kajala’s daughter, Paulah, Rayvanny and Hamisa Mobetto. You see, word went round that Rayvanny might (its all still allegations at this point) had carnal knowledge of the eighteen-year-old girl, Paulah Kajala. I should at this point note that Paulah is still in high school.

Paulah Kajala with her mother

Paulah Kajala with her mum

The age of majority and consent in Tanzania is 18 years of age but it is muddy water because she is still in high school. Somehow, Hamisa Mobetto has gotten dragged into the affair and Harmonize has decided to embroil herself into the mix as he claims he’s “showing support” to his girl, Kajala and also due to his moral convictions.

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I would, however, like to point out that I am of the opinion Harmonize isn’t being genuine about why he is involved. I mean sure, he probably does want to show support to his girlfriend but after only 3 months of dating he’s getting mixed in a messy situation? I call bullshit and believe it’s all for two reasons: clout and to stick it to Diamond Platnumz.

Rayvanny with Paulah Kajala

Rayvanny and Paulah Kajala

You see, Harmonize hasn’t really let go of the fact that his departure from WCB was an acrimonious affair. He was forced to buy out his own contract. Ever since that happened, he has been taking shots at Diamond Platnumz, sometimes directly, sometimes subliminally.

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In this matter, Rayvanny has opened himself up for some seriously hellish experiences. He got involved with a girl who though not a minor, is still in high school. This is a terrible time for him and his associates at WCB records. Harmonize has chosen this as a golden moment to not only virtue signal but stick it to his old comrades. And boy is he twisting the knife.

Paulah Kajala at her court appearance

Kajala and daughter appear in court

Harmonize is not doing this nonsense for the sake of morality, he is simply doing this rubbish to hurt Rayvanny and get back at Diamond but more importantly, Sallam SK. And at the same time, he gets clout from being positioned as the champion of Tanzanian virtue.

Given the fact that Pombe Magufuli has been a virtue-signalling politician, Harmonize is hoping to get in his good graces. he wants to be the only artist who is morally upstanding enough to be CCM’s (Magufuli’s political party) go-to artist for their events.


Harmonize laughing

At the end of the day, this betrayal will come back to haunt Harmonize. This is the one time his support needn’t have been public. Why? Because the case isn’t exactly clear-cut. And there is no foreseeable advantage if we are looking at this from a pragmatic, tactical viewpoint.

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