Why Huddah doesn’t want a kid with just anybody

Image: 50% of men I meet these days disgust me - Huddah Monroe

Huddah has lately been maintaining a low profile and we understand this is because she has outgrown the ‘socialite’ lifestyle and is now making plans to settle down and start a family of her own.

However unlike most wealthy single women who prefer settling down with just anybody in the name of ‘time is running out’ the former socialite says she has no plans of settling for just anybody. Well, at 30 something (some say 40) Huddah is clearly being picky when she shouldn’t.

But thanks to a new post shared on her page recently – we now understand the reason Huddah remains childless is because she wants to have them with a man she considers a husband…bestfriend…just like her parents who have been together for years.

Husband then kids

On the same post Huddah explained how most people tell her to have a kid with just a boyfriend who she can dump later on and carry on life as single mum…

And alot more women really don’t want to settle. Everyone i know tells me to get a kid and ditch the sperm donor & just raise my baby….

However having seen how hard single motherhood is and also having learnt good virtues from her parents who have been together for years – Huddah says she wants a family of her own too and not the drama that comes with on and off relationships when a kid is involved.

I didn’t grow up like that. So I don’t know to be in that space mentally. I had my mom and dad no matter their diff and they are still together.

However at her age – I don’t think Huddah should really be picky at who she will settle down with….especially after her past. But again – she knows her worth and will probably never settle just for the sake of becoming a wife.

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