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Why is Bahati so desperate for attention?

May 04, 2020 at 14:47
Why is Bahati so desperate for attention?

Over the past week, we have seen gospel singer Kevin Kioko, better known as Bahati, pull all manner of stunts to get people talking about him and to be honest, I don’t even get why.

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I know we are all bored because we have to stay indoors at the moment but sometimes I feel that Bahati has has gone overboard with his stunts, like that time he was dancing in his wife’s dress or that time Diana carried him o her back.

Bahati with his wife Diana and son Morgan

I know what you are thinking that any kind of publicity is good, even if it’s bad but I think as a public figure, there are things that you should not do because there are people who look up to you.

Granted, Bahati is being bullied online a lot right now, even his wife Diana but I do not think that he is going about it the right way. Any celeb will tell you that the best way of dealing with trolls is not engaging them.

He could be doing all these things to promote his new track titled Mwisho Wa Dunia and we are used to him pulling all manner of stunts to hype his songs but this ain’t it.


From where I sit, it seems like he is really desperate for attention but at the very least, he should have taken his time and made a nice song and let people enjoy it.

Picture this, you pride yourself in being an artist, a gospel one for that matter, but you are more known for engaging in publicity stunts and scandals rather than your music. Is it supposed to be like that though?

Someone needs to tell him to take a break an re-evaluate his decisions because he is not only making a fool of himself but also doing irreversible damage to his brand.

Watch Mwisho Wa Dunia below and tell us what you think.


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