Why is Huddah surprised Wahu and other celebrities look down on her?

Huddah is upset that Wahu Kagwi and her husband Nameless allegedly looked down on her when she was on her come up and the only person who is surprised about this development is her.

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Think about it, this rather sexy femme fatale has one reputation and it is about how she found her way to economic prosperity and it all stems from her being an alleged heaux.

So help me understand why a woman who is rumoured to be a heaux is shocked that other celebrities and women, in general, wouldn’t look down on her… Better yet, explain that to Huddah.

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You see, when she was on her come-up, by her own admission, she was already a drug addict. That is not the kind of thing Kenyans are accustomed to nor the type of thing Kenyans will tolerate being around.

Wahu has also been married to Nameless for the longest time, of course, she wouldn’t be enthused about her being around her man nor would any man be excited about his woman hanging out with a heaux in case she gets ideas.

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Choices and decisions have consequences. And her decision from early on to be a socialite came with a certain level of social stigma. And the fact that she has harboured these feelings even after she became a success with her cosmetic company is something rather telling. Clearly, money isn’t the all-curing elixir a lot of people think it to be because why would she still be upset years on?

And Wahu and her husband have indeed moved on and are now growing their family even larger with a young daughter on the way and they seem to be going from strength to strength. Meanwhile, Huddah remains nursing her grudge against her and other Kenyan celebrities.

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