Why it is good that Betty Kyallo is taking a break from dating

Image: Betty Kyallo´s mystery man under attack

Betty Kyallo has announced that she will be taking a break from dating and I for one am very happy she came to this realization. You see, Betty Kyallo’s storied love story began when she dated and eventually wed Denis Okari, the father of their daughter Ivanna.

Betty Kyallo takes new stand on marriage after recent meeting with Dennis Okari (Video)

This was a shortlived nuptial with word eventually surfacing to expose just how chaotic their romance and marriage was. Betty Kyallo during an interview with a popular magazine revealed that she felt let down by Dennis Okari during their traditional wedding as he was a no show. So their marriage started on a bad note and it was downhill from there.

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo

And after that, we were treated to the circus of separation and divorce with a politician by the name Hassan being mentioned adversely. According to sources from all around, Betty Kyallo was rumoured to have been seeing the politician even before she and Dennis decided to tie the knot. And theirs was a whirlwind romance with betty clearly glowing as we have never seen her glow before during this shortlived romance. And when it was done, it came crashing down to earth. And she was reportedly destroyed but Bwana Hassan allegedly allowed her to keep his furniture.

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From there, it was a string of dalliances and short stints with some people, with Betty Kyallo being linked to businessmen and bankers but there was never really any concrete evidence given to back the rumours. Then Betty Kyallo chose to first share the photos of herself in the company of an Indian man whom she called bad before eventually introducing us to her Cushitic bae. And that is the most recent relationship she has publicly teased online.

Betty Kyallo and her former bae

Then with all the turmoil in her life, what with K24 firing all its media personalities, Betty Kyallo decided to pause her dating life and focus on other things. As a result, she will not be dating anyone in the foreseeable future but she hasn’t given up on her happily ever after.

Betty Kyallo quits from K24 TV (Video)

So why is this a brilliant move by the former news personality?

For starters, Betty Kyallo is finally going to actually heal.

This is the one thing she hasn’t given herself time to do. Betty Kyallo has bounced around like a headless chicken, from one relationship to another and this is has meant she hasn’t really had time to mourn her relationships or reflect on the problems she caused in them. So there has been no accountability.

She can focus on her daughter more.

When we take into account the small bits of information we have been treated to from within the Betty Kyallo household, we can paint the picture of a woman who might not have had a lid on the parenting of her child. Her house-help was the first to state this but Betty Kyallo recently admitted that she knows her daughter refers Dennis Okari to her. This downtime is good for her to buckle down and get right back into the raising of her daughter. She can now have a more hands-on approach to it.

Betty Kyallo can work to better herself.

Healing is all well and good but she also has to further develop who she is as a person and as a partner. There is no point in healing and still continuing to perpetuate the same behaviours that were problematic. She should improve on who she is so she might be the type of person who improves the life of her partner.

She can now invest in some hobbies.

Having a life of your own outside of your relationship is a great thing as it avoids you making your partner feel crowded. And who knows, perhaps she just might meet her Mr. Right while participating in her hobbies.

“Ivanna prefers her dad to me,” Betty Kyallo speaks co-parenting


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