Why it’s hard for artists to be consistent

Image: Jua Cali

Artists are often told to be consistent if they want have careers spanning many years but the truth is that it’s really hard.

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In the context of the music and the entertainment industry, consistency simply means that an artist should keep churning out songs i.e. they should not take long breaks.

This way, fans will have you at the top of their minds since you keep giving them new content to consume.

Most artists find it hard to be consistent because it means that they have to spend a lot of money.

Think of it though, to release a song, one has to buy a beat, have studio sessions with a producer to work on it, shoot a video and then market the song.


These steps are financially draining and in most cases artists don’t even have money to take care of all these things.

To add to that, this is all for one song. So when they are working on another song, they have to follow all these steps again.

I am very sure many artists would love to be consistent but they often find themselves in a catch 22 situation because of other pressing needs and end up not releasing songs for moths or years.

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