Why it’s important for musicians to have haters

Image: Willy Paul

There are several songs where musicians, whether local or international, are outrightly addressing their haters and in most cases, they never have kind words for them.

Others like Willy Paul take to social media to engage in a back and forth with their critics but what they don’t know is that they would not be successful without the people who dislike them.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Think of it though, if you are a staunch fan of someone, you would not be honest with them because in your eyes they can do no wrong. For instance, I’ve never seen anything wrong with Sauti Sol’s music approach or their songs.

However, people who aren’t your die-hard fans are brutal. If they think an artist’s song is whack, they will tell him or her in the face and perhaps they will pull up their socks in the subsequent releases.

It’s fact that you can only grow if you have the guts to stomach criticism, whether negative or positive. Therefore it is imperative of artists to have many haters.

A good analogy is The Beat, a music show that used to air on NTV from the mid 2000s. I’m not saying that it was run by haters but forced local artists to shoot better videos because they would turn down substandard videos.

At the end of the day, the people who stands to benefit is you and I, because we are given well packaged product that we can be proud of.

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