Why Janet Mbugua Is On The Spot Over Eddie Ndichu’s Behaviour

Image: Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua is back in the news for all the wrong reasons and what is sad is the fact that it is not because of anything she did but rather over the actions of her “better half”, the man with whom she chose to settle down with and start a family, Eddie Ndichu.

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It’s tough but such is life, the minute you say “I do”, we forever tie your partners’ misdeeds to you. The inverse would also be true but it is not Janet Mbugua who is doing any of the misbehaving. Let’s get on with it.

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Eddie Ndichu and his twin brother were allegedly captured on candid camera, engaging in a brawl that featured them allegedly slapping some ladies. Additionally, they attempted to break some vehicle side mirrors but stopped they were unable to destroy said items. The witness account of what happened, however, is way more interesting.

IG Mutyambai Responds To Viral Video Of Janet Mbugua’s Husband & His Twin Assaulting Ladies In At Ole Sereni

According to people who were at the party venue -Ole Sereni- the brothers had checked into the hotel with four women. Later on, while at the rooftop bar, they attempted to hit on other women not part of their party. I want to categorically say that there is nothing wrong with this. Men are hunters and they owe no man outside of their inner circle any form of honour. It is the women’s job to self-police.

What they however did that was egregious, is fighting with the ladies who turned them down. Again, allegedly. That was some sub-par reaction on their part. Does it deserve punishment? I am not here to pass judgement. However, it was “not a good look”.

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But the thing here is, why hasn’t Janet Mbugua spoken up as unequivocally as she did when she was condemning other men like Shaffie Weru? Why does she only wear her feminist hat when it does not have any repercussions to her personal life? Why is she picking and choosing her battles?

Beyond that, there is the cloud hanging over her head as everyone wonders whether Janet Mbugua herself has been a victim of such actions. Has she been on the receiving end of the rage we witnessed between her and her (former) husband?

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If so, then why did she opt to remain silent about his actions? Why didn’t she seek help and publicise his actions? That could have gone a long way in ensuring they were brought to book so no one else had to suffer at their hands. Social responsibility. Think of it like not reporting a murderer. If they go on to kill again, are you not culpable in some small part?

The Ndichu brothers

Anyway, another major reason why she is currently being mentioned by everyone is the fact that she is a public figure and she is the partner more known to the public. Newspapers got to sell and blogs need to get clicks. And I say that unironically.

There is also the fact that a lot of people are enjoying some form of schadenfreude. Seeing a lady who many thought was perfect, in a perfect marriage and in a perfect family was now falling from grace. Whether or not it is due to her own actions or those of her partners is immaterial. Have I missed anything? I don’t think so…

But it’s not all gloom and doom for Janet Mbugua. At least she has managed to get the spotlight on her. Hopefully, she can use her time in the sun to market and push her Inua Dada initiative.

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