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Why Jaymo Ule Msee advice to men about women’s body count are trash

May 25, 2022 at 12:59
Why Jaymo Ule Msee advice to men about women's body count are trash

Jaymo Ule Msee recently gave his opinion on a rather interesting subject matter that Andrew Kibe has been dominating at: intergender dynamics and relationships.

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He was recently on an interview and he revealed that he didn’t understand why men are neurotic about a woman’s past with specific focus on her “body count”. For those of you who don’t know what that refers to, he was referring to the number of partners a woman has had in the past -and we aren’t talking about dance partners… Or perhaps we are just of the nasty tango.

And his words have been met with roarous applause from women and men (especially celebrities) alike who are arguing that only insecure men want to obsess over the idea that their women had a past before them. But I would argue that most of the people supporting Jaymo Ule Msee’s sentiments are either easy lays or weak, useless men. And here’s why:

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The idea of a woman who is promiscuous is something that is viscerally disgusting to not just men but women too because of how we as a species evolved and adapted to civilisation. Bear with me as I try to explain this to even the most obstinate of feminists who wants to celebrate the seggsual revolution.

From a man’s perspective, men know that we aren’t opposed to the idea of a slut. Actually, there is not a single functional and balanced man who is put off by this idea. However, we do not want our women to be sluts -except for us. You see, a man will have a lot of fun with the community slut and leave her for the next man. But when a man decides to settle down, he wouldn’t dare do so with her. Instead, he will seek out a woman who will be his personal slut. Why? Because of the burden of paternity and he danger of being saddled with some random man’s crotch goblin if his woman is not faithful to him. Why then would Jaymo Ule Msee advise men to ignore this instinctive revulsion to settling down with a slut?

Well, that is probably because before he became the celebrity that he is, he could only really get himself a date with the community heaux. Or perhaps because he lacked game, status and height aswell as (let’s face it) attractiveness, he could only really have a go after the woman was done with her heaux phase and now wanted a less risky, less exciting guy (read subservient man). So his mind, in an effort not to suffer cognitive dissonance, made his necessity a virtue.

And boy, does misery love company. Because another thing that our hind brains understand is the fact that women who have a promiscuous past aren’t just a potential humiliation waiting to happen, they also have a damaged ability to pair bond. What does that mean? Well, the more seggsual partners a woman has had, the more likely she is to feel unfulfilled in her relationship (and marriage) and the higher her chances of divorcing with her husband are. So who is fooling who?

Weak men want you to get with a woman who has shown stark lack of good judgement by bedding every man who showed an interest in her simply because women are free to explore and satisfy their every urge but doesn’t this stink like poor impulse control? So Jaymo Ule Msee is defending women who have shown garbage impulse control in their past and for you to cast your paternity die with them as if fate is a joke or the future wellbeing of not just you but your children too. You have to wonder why he would choose to stand on this side of the divide.

Then there are the women who know what it means for a woman to be of loose morals: and make no mistake here, women are an even harsher jury of promiscuous women. They know that such a woman cannot be trusted around their husbands, boyfriends and sons. And because they are both women, that means they are competing for the same resources, struggling against the same forces therefore they have more of an incentive to be even cruel to heaux.

Jaymo Ule Msee might think that what he said was progressive but not all progress is beneficial. Sometimes, even the stupid align themselves with the banner of progressiveness and they champion utter stupidity. And that is why not even the loud cantankerous feminists agreeing with his sentiments would allow their sons to marry promiscuous women. That is why they would be completely put off if their husbands got too close to the community heaux. That is why women slut shame harder than men.

Look, this is supposed to be a light read so I cannot really go deeper into the intricacies of why JaymeUle Msee’s advice should be ignored by any man worth his salt or woman worth a damn. I shall have to cap it off here and say something mymentor said to me a while back: not every old man (or person older than you) is a wise old man; you have to remember that even fools age.

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