Why Joho is the admiration of many Kenyan men

Joho is the veritable definition of Wafula Thundercock. He is the man every man in Kenya wants to be and the man every woman in Kenya wants a chance to be with.

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Joho has it all, he has the money (no, this isn’t a moral look into whether or not his stuff is legit) and he has clearly invested in getting an image consultant who has made him dress like a high-value man. To top it all, he clearly carefully takes care of his looks because we have seen him attend to his receding hairline and then take care of his body.


So unlike most men in his position -from governors to extremely high net worth men, he isn’t a fat sack of manure. He is fit, and to top it all off, he was blessed with great looks.

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Joho is also very charismatic and he is also a dominant presence in any room he walks into. This is down to the fact that he is a man propped up by his achievements. But ultimately, the thing that sets Joho apart from most of his powers and the wide majority of Kenyan men is that he is making a dent in the universe as he pursues his goals and objectives.


Joho also has a track record to be envied. If we look at his social life, as much as he tries to keep it under wraps, we have to appreciate the fact that his love life -or the rumours of it- are the stuff of fantasy for most men.

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We could start with the alleged relationship with Betty Kyallo that was fueling the most recent scandal that has enthralled Kenyans. If you notice, most Kenyans haven’t attacked or attempted to even shame Joho. Why? Because they appreciate the fact that he is Wafula Thundercock.


And that ladies and gentlemen, is why Joho is the envy of every Kenyan man.


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