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Here’s why Kamene Goro’s ideal man would not want her

March 16, 2021 at 11:38
Here's why Kamene Goro's ideal man would not want her

Kamene Goro has been talking alot about relationships and this says two things to me about her -well, me and just about anyone with some intelligence in their coconuts: the first that she is desperate for a relationship and the second that she is delusional.

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You see, Kamene Goro has been talking alot about the type of man she wants. He has to be tall, wealthy, fit, handsome and whatever the hell else tickles her fancy at the moment she is talking. And while she is indeed a very beautiful woman, she has alot of characteristics and a past that would be off-putting to anyone looking for a serious relationship.

Kamene Goro

You see, Kamene Goro was blessed with genes that are actually superior -and would do so much more for her if she put in the effort. She is obese everywhere except in her face. She has no facial adiposity even though everything south of her neck is fat. But that isn’t even the reason why top tier men would avoid her. Afterall, given African culture’s celebration of fat women, alot of men would still line up to get her.

Kamene Goro is not ready for a relationship, she’s just lonely

The two main issues that make her ideal man too far out of her reach include:

  1. chimerism
  2. failed marriage

Kamene Goro

#1. Chimerism

Does anyone remember when Kamene Goro, while still at NRG radio revealed she had slept with more men than the years of life that Biggie lived? Yep, she revealed she has had twice as many lovers as Jesus Christ had disciples, Israel has tribes but luckily, nearly half as many men as Kenya has tribes. That number by the way is twenty-seven.
So, in human beings, chimerism usually occurs when a woman is pregnant and her body absorbs some of the baby’s cells but it is more often in this day and age to occur due to sexual congress.

I’m Only Being Approached By Married Men! Kamene Goro Shouts

This simply put, means that like Kamene Goro, women absorb the DNA of all the men the sleep with. What is even more intriguing is the fact that this DNA then ends up in the brain of the woman. I would argue that this then complicates the process of pair bonding. So why would a man overcome his repulsion to a woman who has had many lovers in her past and then choose a woman who is mentally rewired to change her views on mate selection? A woman who is in essence damaged.

Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro using refraction to create an illusion

#2. Failed marriage

This would inform any man seeking a serious relationship with Kamene Goro that she has a problem maintaining a relationship. You see, they are hard work. Thy demand you make the conscious decision to stay together every day you wake up. She failed at this. Infact, she failed so miserably, she decided to control the narrative and did some personal PR that saw her accuse her ex-husband of being the sole reason for the death of their marriage.
The fact that she doesn’t own up to her role in the outcome is a clear indication she hasn’t dealt with the issues she has that contributed to the end of the marriage. And I am on record saying she really does need to go to therapy.

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And so there you have it. While Kamene Goro is focusing on a man’s height, science actually explains a clear view into why alot of high-value men wouldn’t want to pair up with her. And none of these reasons are cosmetic.

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