Why Karen Nyamu attacked Samidoh’s manhood

Image: Senator Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu is a rather odd one and her way of dealing with Samidoh rejection is not only pathetic but juvenile. Why is it that it’s only after a woman gets damn that she remembers that a man’s manhood was tiny?

Karen Nyamu bad mouthing & belittling Samidoh might be the reason mugiithi singer never claimed her in public

Antiques over December when she attended a concert he was performing in for Kenyans living in Dubai caused a national scandal as they put their country to shame seeing as she’s a nominated senator behaving like a little child.

Karen Nyamu aka Karenzo

Videos surfaced online showing Karen Nyamu attacking Samidoh legal wife, Edday Nderitu upset the powers within her political party to the point where they have been discussing whether or not to kick her off not just the party ticket but her nominated senatorial seat.

Hii nikama imeenda: Karen Nyamu distances herself from Samidoh

Things have gotten so bad that Kenya’s deputy president is literally acting like a village chief commenting on their marital affairs. Was the man of the House to put his women in check or he would ban him from flying out of the country.

Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu’s response when she spoke on the matter on social media was to mock her common-law husband manhood claiming it to be non-existent. This was so juvenile it was downright pathetic. The kind of response one would expect from a prepubescent rather than an adult woman and mother of two. Why is it a woman always attempt to attack a man’s member whenever their relationship comes to an end?

Riggy G speaks on Karen Nyamu and Samidoh: Women misbehave, men get blamed

The reason for this is usually because they have little to no grievance so they manufacture a body-shaming allegation that few can verify and that serves to humiliate the very essence of the man who has agreed them. This tactic usually works on the playground or in high school but fails to impress anyone with a more than lukewarm room-temperature IQ.

When you have nothing of substance like Karen Nyamu, with regards to a reason you can articulate as to why you dislike someone or you have issues with someone, or when you know you are the root cause of the problem, you tend to resort to Ad hominem attacks and insults. This is under the misguided hope that you can dissuade people from digging deeper into the merit of your argument.

Karen Nyamu’s situation with the father of one of her children is one that is very clear she is the antagonist constantly picking fights with a man or his wife either in real life or on social media. This conduct is unbecoming of a national leader yet we have grown so accustomed to this level of childishness from her that we tend to turn a blind eye.

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