Why Kenya doesn’t have sexy female celebs

Image: Nadia Mukami in Meru

Why doesn’t Kenya have any sirens and sexy female celebrities? If anything, Kenya’s male celebrities put a lot of thought into their physical appeal and as a result, we have some of the sexiest male celebrities in all of Africa -pause. But when it comes to our female celebs, we fall flat (or is it short?).

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Why is it that our female celebs are so comfortable not being attractive? Why is it that they are more than happy to simply be? On this one, I have to blame Kenyans. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to embracing the entertainment industry in its totality.

Nadia Mukami in Meru

Contemporary Kenyan female celebrities cannot hold a candle to their Tanzanian compatriots. For some reason, *cough* feminism *cough* our female celebs think they can merely exist, churn out music (mediocre music) and we’re meant to celebrate their career.

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And before your idiotic feminist comes out with her flame and fork, I will simply point you to the west and south of Africa. Where the entertainment heavyweights understand that a woman’s sexuality isn’t something to be ashamed of and can be a powerful weapon when harnessed the right way.

Neomi Ng'ang'a
Neomi Ng’ang’a

We have celebrities like Nadia Mukami shaving her hair and dressing in the most unflattering clothes while performing simply because she felt like it. Can you imagine Tiwa Savage doing the same thing? How about Babes Wodumo? And that is before we even get to Beyonce an’em.

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Not even Nandy would do that. Remember that time when Pierra Makena started complaining about the fact that young, female DJs were using their sensuality to book shows and perform? Why do you think an older female DJ with an aging body would complain about something she herself used to do? It’s because she understands just how powerful a tool youth and sensuality are.

Kenyan female celebrities are lazy. That is why they aren’t willing to put in the work to become sexy. Instead, they use two insidious shortcuts: wearing jeans at their waist or shaming you for not being interested in a mid trying to gyrate. That’s actually a problem because most Kenyan female celebrities do not target their content towards women. How can we tell? Those that do, don’t even remotely try to hide the fact. they target all their content towards female interests.

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You see, this stems from them not being clear on which demographic they are targeting. Nadia Mukami is an example that comes to mind because her music is targeted towards women (the lovey dovey songs) but her image is geared towards attracting men. And the thing about men is that studies (yes, there is science to back all this up) have shown that the centres of the brain associated with anger are sparked when men see unattractive women.

Pierra Makena

Want proof? Ask your male friends to name 3 Nadia Mukami songs. Hell, even women want to support stars who look better than them. That is because to women, a female celebrity is supposed to ignite the centres of their brains that spark aspiration. They want to look up and aspire to be like the sexy star. That is why no young girl has a photo of Neomi Ng’ang’a on their wall in the bedroom. Who do they have instead? The young, hot female celebrity.

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Also, there is the fact that discipline and is not isolated to only one aspect of our lives.


If they have the discipline to work for a sexy body, their performances will get that much better. And so will their music. But I am truly sad for Kenyans because they do not have any pinup Kenyan female celebrities.

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