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Why Kenyan women cheat on good men

March 15, 2023 at 17:30
Why Kenyan women cheat on good men

Can Kenyan women be faithful to their men? Not if those men are good men. The thing about Kenyan women is that they craved excitement and the unfortunate truth about good men if they cannot offer this as what they offer is the banality of consistency.  It’s mainly down to the fact these women were not raised in families with stable fathers.


Think about it whenever a woman is dating a guy and the guy is toxic or a “bad boy” Kenyan women have no problem staying faithful to such guys. How many stories have we heard about women taking care of men who don’t have a dime to their name? Men who for all intents and purposes are walking venomous pits?


It’s actually pretty scientific too that women are wired to go after such men and when it comes to third-world shitholes like Kenya that instinct is an overdrive.


It’s internationally accepted that nice men finish last but in Kenya that rings loudly. How many stories have we heard of men who educate their wives only for their wives to turn around and tell them that those men are no longer of their calibre? Kenyan women are notorious for doing even better things such as eating a guy’s money when they ask him for fair but when the bad boy calls they are more than willing to track all the way from Rongai to Kayole.


Aside from nice guys being boring there is the argument women make that they don’t “understand them”. What that simply means is they don’t know to give women the highs and lows of emotional turbulence.


But worry not, because soon enough once these women are done running around and chasing after the bad boys, the makangas and the gangsters, they’ll start looking for the same nice guys that day wouldn’t deign to even sneer at. And that is why we hear a lot of reports of an epidemic of single motherhood in Kenya.


And the cycle will continue because ultimately in Kenya there is a large population of little girls who are raised by single mothers who are now in the dating pool these women have not learnt what it means to be around a good man as either their fathers were the same bad boys or their fathers were absent.

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