The queer case of Kinuthia: Forcing the trans-sexual conversation

If you’re aware of TikTok then you know of Kinuthia. He is a crossdressing content creator who has a huge question mark hanging over his head with regards to his sexual preferences and proclivities even though such topics would ideally be taboo to discuss openly.

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You see, he not only dresses like a woman but also has in one video been alleged to go out partying in full female garb which caused not just confusion by ire aswell as people (men mainly) felt they were in danger of being fooled by him and his ilk.

Uncomfortable? Ofcourse. But this is a necessary conversation. You see, Kinuthia is not just a gender bender but he is forcing a lot of conversations among Kenyan youth with regard to sexuality and gender ideologies. And this is not a simple thing to deal with as we are a very conservative people.

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Am man who dresses like a woman but also carries his popular act outside the realms of his social media theatrics and into his everyday personal life is something we as a nation largely consider bizarre. Yet here we are, confronted by the boogeyman we thought ourselves safe from having to deal with given we aren’t living in the west.

Ultimately, Kinuthia is a man. Whether or not he thinks himself a woman, he is a man. But he is a shrewd man, choosing to keep silent whenever his sexuality is brought up because he understands on some level that these questions actually expand his mythos. He becomes a grander figure as people either struggle to understand and explain him or try to pontificate about why what he is doing is wrong.

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He has become a lightning rod of controversial but necessary, incendiary but crucial conversations because whether or not we are happy or accepting of it, Kenya is indeed falling victim to globalisation and that means that even ideas your parents and their own find “liberal” are seeping their way into Kenya.

I would advise you to read up on John Money even though we aren’t discussing him today. It gives a rather interesting insight into the reason these conversations are complex.

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But back to discussing Kinuthia, he is something that scares people. The advent and assimilation of new social constructs and conversations. Make no mistake about it, he and his brethren aren’t going away. And even though members of the LGBTQ are a negligible minority in the grand scheme of this (vis avis general population) they are only going to get louder and more visible. But rather than running away from the issue or consigning it to the pulpits where a lot of the so-called men of the cloth are the same predators who have created a lot of confusion, we need to come together to understand this new idea and then finding a way forward that suits our culture and the greater good. Because sooner or later, we will need a handrail of sanity, something we can grab on to make sense of this and that will not come from ignoring what Kinuthia represents.

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