Why Kenyans are the backbone of Diamond Platnumz success

Image: Diamond Platnumz

Turns out Diamond Platnumz owes a lot Kenyans. According to a recently conducted Billboard piece, a large section of his fans and supporters are Kenyan.

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I would argue that this means we are owed a free concert. After all, the fact that he came to Kenya to get his most recent baby momma only served him. It is a very interesting thing, however, as it shows that Kenyans have the power to make a star.

Diamond Platnumz support is Kenyan

That means that once again, Kenyans have proven their hypocrisy and the fact that we love anything foreign whether it comes from West Africa, South Africa or even just south of our border. So what happens now you ask?

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Well, given just how successful Diamond Platnumz is, perhaps Kenyans could make a star of our own. Perhaps we could galvanize behind our most talented and marketable stars and we can make them great.

Diamond Platnumz flexxing

Afterall, with the case of Diamond Platnumz, it is clear that for any star to make name for themselves, they need a home base with ready fans who will propel them far. That way, when they get accepted in new markets, they completely dominated. They can grow to superstardom.
Diamond Platnumz, for instance, is a success because Kenyans support him after he already has the home base behind him.

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Imagine if you will, just how successful Sauti Sol would be if we galvanized behind them like we do Diamond. None of the hating, no making excuses, we all just support them with our views, our love and our money. The same way we blindly worship Mondi, we could get behind a Kenyan act.

Diamond Platnumz in studio

That would be quite something to behold. But for now, we will continue to support Diamond Platnumz. And then we shall complain about the fact that these guys are winning. And how Kenya lacks real superstars.


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