Why Kenyans celebrate criminals and conmen

I cannot have been the only one who has noticed just how much of a penchant Kenyan youth house for celebrating criminals. And it’s quite insane to see that real entrepreneurs, real businessman real scientists; the people really putting in the work to build Kenya as a society don’t get half as much cloud unless they’re in their harvest season.

Next Time Include Me In Wash Wash Scandal List, I Have Money- Eric Omondi

And that is why we will see a lot of “celebrities” get minted and created from people whose sources of income remain as opaque as concrete. We look at their flashy lifestyles and rather than interrogate their sources of income we do the simple-minded thing and simply celebrate their lavish lifestyle posts on social media.

Tbt: Tanasha with alleged wash wash friends


As a result, we have begun to create a generation of kids whose sole ambition in life is to become a bigger smarter criminal. That is why we have so many scams being run such as real estate scams, vehicle sales scams, cryptocurrency scams and even forex scams.

Tanasha Donna addresses rumors linking her to ‘Wash Wash’ cartel member

Wash-wash is not treated with the derision it should be treated with. Fake gold scams and treated with the contempt they should be treated with. If anything con men avenue financial success gurus.

Jalang’o was fprced to address wash-wash allegations

And it’s quite the mindf**k to go out to a club and see scammers get celebrated simply because they can afford bottle service. It confuses young men when they’re in the same facilities as these con men and they see just how celebrated they are for being able to afford the nicer things in life. Never mind that sometimes they’re paying with counterfeit money anyway.

Jalang’o addresses claims linking him to ‘Wash wash’ cartel

And why are we as a society celebrating criminals? Well, it’s because we do live in a s**thole country with s**thole realities. The truth is we have routinely voted in such garbage presidential candidates that kakistocracy has become a way of life in Kenya and as a result, we are now abundantly aware of the truth; regardless of how hard you work the chances of you making it are slim if you don’t know the right people or have the right Godfather.

When you come up with a brilliant idea the type that can create generational wealth for you you end up being screwed when you approach a company seeking investment. And when the youth watch the news or pickup and newspaper to read (as unlikely as that may seem), or log onto a news website, they see career criminals seeking political office in a bid to help baptized themselves are new. We see only one corruption scandal after another and there is little we can do about it.

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So as conventional Wisdom advisors; if you can’t beat them, joined them. And that is precisely what we end up doing. And should you be successful in executing a scheme that lets you hundreds of millions you become untouchable and we will sing songs about how intelligent you are to have pulled it off.

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