Why Kenyans prefer bashing Willy Paul to celebrating his wins

Willy Paul is the architect of all his own sorrows and to see him now cry that Kenyans don’t seem to celebrate his wins as a rather hilarious take. Because you see Poze has always enjoyed playing the role of the heel.

Willy Paul threatening his girlfriend’s boyfriend doesn’t make sense

Think about it anytime his name comes up he’s always cast in the role of the villain sometimes erroneously other times deservedly but every time it happens he fully embraces that role.

He recently took to his social media to decry the fact that Kenyans don’t seem to celebrate his achievements accomplishments and wins but something willy Paul forgot is that most of the people who tune in to his social media or who tune into his music simply do so because they are more than happy to pay to watch him fail and perhaps his perspective is Askew because this is not a bad thing at all.

Why are we dogging on Willy Paul for hitting on women?

When I think of him on the international scale I draw parallels to people such as Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor. People who was Sophie while that a huge chunk of their fan base would pay top dollar simply either get knocked out or in the hopes that they would flop.

So instead of him bellyaching about this reality that he himself crafted willy Paul should be looking for a way to monetize it in a much better fashion.s for starters him being the bad boy of Kenyan entertainment is a great thing as he literally has a stranglehold on the female audience because let’s face it young women between the ages of teenhood till 24 a bad boy.

Andrew Kibe Is Right About Willy Paul Being A Philanderer

This has been his sleight-of-hand all along and it has allowed him to consistently chalk up wins no one expected them and also to remain relevant long after most of his contemporaries have seen the sunset on their careers. But ultimately he needs to come to terms with this role because there’s nothing more pathetic than seeing Willy Paul cry like he accuses his frenemy Bahati of doing.

Willy Paul looking dapper

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