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Why Khaligraph Jones new song “Hao” is contrived

April 24, 2020 at 17:31
Why Khaligraph Jones new song "Hao" is contrived

Khaligraph Jones, one of Kenya’s most prolific rappers and entertainers, released a song called, Hao which has been a major hit, and not just with his fanbase. Fellow celebrities have applauded him for standing up for them.

And the main reason Khaligraph’s song has had such an overwhelmingly positive reception among his peers is that a lot of celebrities feel victimized by cyberbullies. So they feel that he has championed their cause. but this outlook is not just contrived, it is fallacious.

In the music video, Khaligraph jones highlights different articles and story pieces broken by leading entertainment writers as examples of how we as a society break down our entertainers and celebrities. The problem with this argument is that it only holds water if the news pieces are false or figments of the writer’s imagination.
So tell us ndugu, were the stories false?

Khaligraph jones

Rapper, Khaligraph Jones

Case in point would be the much-publicized story about Esther Arunga. For those of you not old enough to understand the reference, she was once a high flying media personality. She hosted prime time news on KTN and was the nation’s darling. She came off as educated and intelligent and was well-spoken.
She, however, fell in love with a man who many believe led her astray called Quincy Timberlake. As her professional and personal life fell apart, the couple migrated their family to Australia where they made a new life for themselves. Afew years after this happened, word broke that the couple had lost a child. They are both currently incarcerated so you draw your own conclusions on that.

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When Khaligraph Jones highlighted the fact on his song, it was although he was blaming the writer of the piece for doing his job. The writer, one Uncle Chim Tuna, highlighted the fact that while The Timberlakes’ familial was in upheaval, her erstwhile mentor and pastor, Joseph Hellon had gone on to have a calm and steady familial life:

khaligraph jones new music video Hao blames journalists


And therein is the main bone of contention about this song. It seems to want us to exonerate celebrities of all their inequities simply because they are celebrities. What a shocker. A celebrity wants us to overlook the misdeeds of other celebrities.
Sure Khaligraph Jones has a point, some of the artists he has mentioned are victims of cyberbullying. Guys like Stivo Simple Boy have had it rough yet he has done nothing worth trolling. Others like Bahati, however, have earned the ire of their fans and pundits alike and are simply stewing in a soup of their own making.

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And so it is hard to watch this video and not feel it is contrived to make celebrities out to look innocent. Some of them even while they are part of murder investigations and criminal case proceedings.

And also at the heart of this, the argument is a moot one because it calls back to memory the argument that corporate America had against the budding genre of Gangsta Rap back in the late 80s and early 90s. Ice Cube even put out a rebuttal song called Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It. The argument was always that Gangsta Rap caused a spike in the rate at which crimes were being committed. The same ways now, the media is responsible for destroying lives by reporting about the bullshit celebrities are doing.


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