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Why King Kaka’s plus size video vixen stunt backfired

February 23, 2021 at 12:43
Why King Kaka's plus size video vixen stunt backfired

King Kaka is the latest body positivity ambassador that none of us needed. He is busy virtue signalling how good he is by championing a cause we do not care for. And he is the reason why Kenyan artists are considered clowns: talking about topics no one cares about.

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When he last spoke about societal ills, he knew he had struck a chord with Kenyans because his poem, Wajinga Nyinyi was celebrated across all the land and King Kaka was celebrated for taking a brave standing point and speaking against the powers that be that are robbing our nation blind.

King Kaka

Kenyan rapper King Kaka gave his hot take on obesity

Now, he is instead speaking about things that seem more like his own personal pet peeve than a larger issue on a societal level. King Kaka recently released a music video and he decided to cast obese women in the video vixen role. perhaps it was his way to celebrate women of every size.

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Thing is, it has not met the reception he anticipated. King Kaka’s new jam, Utanipata and rather than market it off the merit of its musical quality, he simply decided to create and ride a wave of nonsense publicity stunts.

And from the comments I am seeing online, the fans he was targeting are clearly seeing through the nonsense. And it is indeed nonsense because when he decided to discuss such a serious issue as body positivity and the fact that it is conflated with terrible wellness and health advice that factors into actual lifestyle diseases, he has simplified things to the point of point and sputtering at unknown enemies and telling them off for calling out the “healthy at every weight” bullshit.

King Kaka

King Kaka is virtue signalling to push his new song

”Let me be honest this morning. I chose to put plus size women in the ‘Utanipata’ video because they are part of our society, they are our friends , our sisters ,our girlfriends , our mothers. So why shouldn’t they be in a music video ?? Why??? Tuwache ujinga. I have seen some characters attack them for their weight, Ati why are they there? The moment we realize that we are all equal and humans then everything will make sense. You might never know what someone is going through and what the effects might be.
Link on Bio. Stop body shaming , Tuwache siasa na Ujinga.”

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King kaka has now begun attempting the same cheap stunts Bahati does inorder to move his music. Obesity isn’t something to spout stupid feel-good rhetoric about. While no one has a right to put down others for their size, you cannot insist on muting scientific facts that show being overweight is unhealthy.

King Kaka

King Kaka is using a hot take about obesity and being overweight to try and push his latest song

King Kaka, feel free to celebrate whatever it is you want but do not pontificate for us about how we should also celebrate unhealthy body weights that put people at risk of the worst that Covid19 has to offer aswell as real health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

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