Why Masauti and Nadia Mukami were mishandled in Mombasa

Nadia Mukami and Masauti are finding out just how on the money I was when, a couple of weeks ago, I told you all about just how Sauti Sol had fudged up the event organisation and promotion business right?

Sauti Sol have disrupted the concert and events business

In the article shared above, I argued that now, as a result of event organisers being shown that they will have to pay a pretty penny to book Kenyan performers, they would in turn become a lot more mercenarial about how they deal with them.

Think about it, if I have to cough up more money for your services, I am now going to ensure I get a bang for my buck. Additionally, as the prices rise, so too should the level of professionalism.

Nadia Mukami Reacts After Being Chased Off Stage While Performing Alongside Masauti

That means that you start with the soundcheck. With your entire band and if that means a live rehearsal, then so be it. From there, you have to have already sorted out the transport situation well in advance. I am not sure how Nadia Mukami and Masauti thought they would do things but had they done the utmost to be professional, then some of the petty issues that were raised later would have arisen -like why tf did Masauti start complaining about transport to the venue later?!

Issa problem when you have to actually deliver in an industry that barely any standards of professionalism but thems the brakes. This would have also done two things for Masauti and Nadia Mukami, it would have shown the promoters how to treat them (as professionals) as well as ensured word got around that they aren’t to be messed with.

Masauti Shares His Side Of The Story On Being Chased Off Stage While Performing

As for the Mbosso part of the equation, he is the top-billed artist at the performance. He doubtless cost more. He might have either been on some primadonna type of time or the promoters wanted to milk him for all the money they had paid him.

This is not to excuse the promoter for the manner in which he dealt with Masauti and Nadia Mukami but rather to say that with the increased ask for monetary compensation, the ask placed upon them has increased and they have to start carrying themselves professionally so even promoters relearn the rules of engagement. The onus is upon them to renegotiate those terms, not upon the promoters.

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