Why Maureen Waititu saying she leaves her sons with her friends when she needs alone time is sad

Image: MC Jessy and Maureen Waititu during their latest interview

Co-parenting doesn’t seem to be something Maureen Waititu has given a lot of thought to and it not only makes me sad, it makes me angry and not even for Frankie Just Gym It’s sake.

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You see, when the truth came out, we found out that she had chosen to lie by Commission about the role Frankie Just Gym It was playing in the lives of his children and when she got called out by her social media followers and netizens.

maureen waititu
Maureen Waititu in leotards

Rather than own up and show some accountability, she began engaging in a back and forth with the lady who slid in her DMs to call her out because “Frankie doesn’t need to be celebrated for doing his role as a father” but in the same breath, he doesn’t deserve to be left out to the wolves because you refuse to state the fact that you live in his family home.

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But it gets worse. You cannot make this stuff up!

maureen waititu
Maureen Waititu dolled up in Yellow

Anyway, she recently was on MC Jessy’s YouTube show and while on it she stated that she is part of a group of friends whom she feels comfortable leaving her sons with whenever she needs some alone time and it made me realize she doesn’t really understand the role of a father nor w2hat makes a man a good father. She has feelings on the matter no doubt but she is vacant on what that entails.

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Think about it. Why would you let your friends take your children while they might aswell be with their father if he is free? He is literally one phone call away and to be very clear, this doesn’t seem to have been something she had explored because she didn’t mention it at all -and she is a chatty Cathy.

maureen waititu
Maureen Waititu with ex, Frankie and their two boys

Anyone who has children will understand the need for a break because they can become overwhelmed with their nagging and incessant demands for attention. However, when the fatigue sets in, it would make sense for her to call her former partner and even invite him over to play with the children.

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Sure he has a life of his own and his own mission (I can only hope) but Maureen Waititu needs to get her head in the game in as far as raising men from boys and only their father can do that so any amount of time they can spend with him above and beyond the two days over the weekend is an added bonus.

But maybe co-parenting isn’t a thing in her heart nor in her mind. And the stats will show that this is a huge problem for children.


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