Why men are offering Amberay money for her sister

Amberay was proudly telling Kenyans that men are in her DMs offering her oney for her to hook up her sister. And i couldn’t help but laugh at this nonsense. Why you ask, because at the end of the day, she is simply explaining that Kenyans see her as flawed and in what capacity.

Why is the realisation Amberay borrows cars and her lifestyle from men shocking?

What do i mean? Well, pretty much just that she is busy telling us that she is being asked to pimp out her sister yet she sees nothing wrong with that nor has the irony of that sunk in.

Essentially, Amberay is known best for being a socialite. She is known, whether right or wrong, as a trollop and as a result,she has exposed her sisters and friends to that assumption to. So rather than men thinking they would have to work for her attention, they figure they would have to pay for it.

What we should learn from Jamal Roho Safi, Amberay and Amira

And it is simply ludicrious that this is an exciting and hilarious prospect for the socialite who is currently married to Jimal Roho safi aka Jamal Marlow in what is her second polygamous marriage.

“Amber hook me up with your sister. I will reward you 3M. Sister yako ako ????????????. Thank you.”

Let that sink in, would anyone ask you to hook them up with your sister/ cousin in exchange for monetary gains for yourself? If you answer in the affirmative then you have alot in common with Bridget Achieng’s exposer than youknow and the term that defines that scope of work is “pimp”.

And while I know she was simply joking, her response was,

“Hii pesa itanipita hivo?”

That is why you are told that old wise men once sat down musing and decided to let the world know that birds of a feather flock together… So if your sister is known to be a trollop or socialite, guess what we all begin to think about you? That is the reality Amberay has exposd her sister and her friends to. it will be the same if she sires a daughter.

A house divided: Amberay will destroy Jamal’s household

Essentially, what that man is telling her is that just like her, he assumes her sister, Ellah, is a thot rocket. And from there, the house of cards falls down so he doesn’t feel the need to be respectful. He doesn’t see the reason why he should approach her for anything longterm which is why he simply offered what he knows they would definitely want; money.

Amberay posing next to KRG’s Jeep

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