Why Michelle Ntalami’s relationship rumours have sparked flames

Michelle Ntalami and her friend, Makena, have caused quite the stir online with their recent display of affection and love for each other.

Michelle Ntalami and BBC´s Makena fuel lesbianism rumors in open love letters to each other

You see, Michelle Ntalami isn’t new to rumours swirling about regarding her sexual orientation and more often than not, she seems to fan them before doing something most do not necessarily associate with lesbians.

Michelle Ntalami has taken to posting thirst traps for attention

On the other hand, with Makena, things are slightly different as even her outward appearance is decidedly androgynous and her style of dressing very masculine.

michelle ntalami and Makena

I think by this point you can get why the posts by Makena and Michelle Ntalami and Makena are the talk of the town:

Whatever you need, I’m at your beck and call. If you need a foot rub, a back rub, someone to take you shopping and spoil you silly , or just someone to drive you around town, I’m your person. I want to make you feel like you’re a true goddess who deserves all the love I give to you ♥️.
I have experienced the most beautiful love with you Queen and it shows in every single inch of my existence . Baby you got me at hello and what a time to celebrate you darling. Happy Birthday you Sexy Queen!! @michelle.ntalami ????????

michelle ntalami and makena njeri

And Michelle Ntalami responded to this blah blah blah saying,

@makenanjeri The spice you’ve brought to my life! Words can’t describe! We’ve not yet even began the real fun.. let’s do this baby! I love you! ♥️

The thing is, we live in a post-modern world in which most people are aware of same-sex relationships. this for conservative, African countries causes quite the confusion as most of the people in question often conflates friendliness with attraction.

Michelle Ntalami finds herself in yet another lesbian scandal, accused of ‘stealing’ another woman 

But even the fact that Kenyan men are wracking their brains to find out whether Michelle Ntalami and Makena are indeed lovers isn’t because they are anti-same-sex relationships but rather because most Kenyan men are worried that two attractive women have decided they aren’t worth siring progeny with.

Michelle Ntalami

Truth be told, Michelle Ntalami and Makena are attractive women and the fact that they have decided to deal with women or so the rumours claim breaks a lot of male hearts.

Michelle Ntalami is a successful entrepreneur with a sexy body and this all means that many a man will be willing to forgive her 36 years of age and try to settle down with her. The same goes for Makena. You can clearly see that were she to wear female clothes and act a lot more feminine, many a man would chase after her.

Why else are Kenyans debating or whispering about the two? So what if they are friends or lovers? What does that have to do with anything? It only makes sense when viewed from the prism of competition.


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