Why most marriages don’t seem to work anymore

I always believe that when two grown-ups decided to settle down as man and wife it means they’ve done enough of getting to know each other – in depth – and never think for a minute one day we will get divorce.

However marriages these days seem to end as soon as they start for example, Anerlisa Muigai and Benpol, then there’s Nasra Comedian and Director Rashid who divorced as soon as they got hitched; and this leaves many wondering why these couples opt out so fast after we all saw how much they adore themselves….but again vitu kwa ground huwa different.

Well apart from the usual, Violence, Abuse and infidelity…below are some reasons i believe lead to quick divorce among newly married couples.


Most tend to think that kalove feeling will last forever hence rushing to take vows – forgetting they haven’t yet faced the downs of the relationship and whether or not they can handle each other at their worst. For this reason, youll find most walking out after the first real fight – simply because they never knew what they got themselves into.

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Bad foundation

For every relationship built….it always has to start as a friendship which will gradually set a good foundation for whatever might come next. Without this….youll end up realizing even the person youre with is not your friend.


These are the unresolvable differences or irreconcilable conflicts between spouses that make it impossible to continue living together as spouses. You see as partners, a couple should be able to agree or disagree on somethings…but when you realize that you mostly disagree and there’s never a solution – this is when you find people parting ways.


Some will say a man who marries a woman who earns more chances are that they will separate and believe it or not – its true. Most men tend to feel ‘belitted’ when they bag an independent woman..amd with such issues and insecurities….the marriage slowly slips away just like that.

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