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Why Mulamwah keeps simping for Carol Sonnie

April 13, 2022 at 12:35
Why Mulamwah keeps simping for Carol Sonnie

Mulamwah has been on the headlines for the past few weeks and it has nothing to do with his comedy although even the reason he’s been in the headlines is a tragic comedy of the messy sort. You see, he and his former beau, Carol Sonnie have ended their relationship. However, he is constantly talking about her and revealing a lot of information regarding the reason for their breakup.

What is peculiar is that though she has given interviews on the subject matter, he was only chatting a lot of nothing, threatening to expose everything that happened. He kept asking her to remain silent until he finally pulled the trigger and unleashed a barrage of information none of us could have seen coming.

Exes: Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie

Mulamwanh took to his social media and accused Carol Sonnie of cheating on him with a man whom he named, whose number he shared and then revealed where the man lived and where their trysts would allegedly happen. After that, he shared a photo of a blood clot that he claimed was an aborted zygote. He topped it all off by claiming the daughter she had said was his, Keilah, wasn’t.

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And now, as if he suffers from a split personality disorder, he expects us to forget everything he shared and simply agree to move forward with the knowledge that Keilah is his daughter. He is back to simping and begging Carol Sonnie to take him back and Kenyans are not only shocked but disgusted too at the levels he is willing to sink to in order to simp.

Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

But why is he doing all this deranged nonsense? Well, for starters, there is the fact that he is clearly not of sound mind. At some point, while dealing with the fallout of the relationship, things took a toll on his mind and he has been operating in a fog of depression and cognitive dissonance. His mind cannot reconcile itself to the reality of the outcome and he is in denial.

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As a result, he cannot believe that Carol Sonnie actually cheated on him and their relationship ended. Mulwamwah has also not accepted the consequences of his actions. He cannot believe she would be insulted by everything he has done.

Mulamwah and ex, Carol Sonnie

Secondly, the reason why Mulamwah is simping is that he has convinced himself that Carol Sonnie is the best he can do. He does not see himself getting a better, more attractive woman. In his mind, she is the ultimate catch for him. While this was true when they first started dating, it isn’t the case anymore but he doesn’t things that way so it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. He has put her on an altar to be worshipped by him and tearing her down from her godly perch is something he’s too weak to do.

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Third, he has bought into the nonsense notion of a “soulmate”. If you were to talk to Mulamwah, the reason he is clinging to the corpse of his relationship is that he is convinced his ex is the one and only true love of his life. According to him, they are meant to be together as it was written in the stars. Such foolish notions have no place in the mind of a man. That weak simp nonsense is for foolish men alone to imbibe. Life doesn’t allow men to keep their heads in the clouds snorting unicorn farts and dream dust.

Finally, I do not think the comic has a father in his life. How else can you explain away this display of sheer weakness? His father would have slapped some sense into him and told him to move on. This relationship is a decayed corpse. Even if they can revive it, it would only be a zombie of what was. Sometimes having dignity is knowing when to walk away and not trying to salvage the spilt milk.

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