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Why Netizens are convinced Karen Nyamu is not yet done with Samidoh

January 11, 2023 at 14:11
Why Netizens are convinced Karen Nyamu is not yet done with Samidoh

Rumor has it that Karen Nyamu could be pregnant again and as usual they feel Samidoh could be responsible. Well this is following a video where Karen Nyamu is seen rocking a small bump (more of like a mummy’s pouch) and although i highly doubt it’s another pregnancy – we have to wait and see since Mimba haifichiki.

The rumor however comes a few weeks after Karen Nyamu announced her breakup with the Mugiithi singer saying she was done getting humiliated in public; yet is loved her in private. Okay….sounds cliche but come ondidn’t fans warn her about the singer after he denied her in public…but did she listen?

Senator Karen Nyamu

Anyway since they say love is stupid and having Karen Nyamu prove this right means she might have learnt her lesson the hard way – which is why I highly doubt there is a bun in the oven….but again, kenyans on social media are bored and want entertainment….and guess whose entertainment they miss the most….Samidoh and Karen Nyamu.

Karen Nyamu the entertertainer

Well seeing how these two celebrities kept us busy with their private life in December, kenyans on social media want them to bring them to bring back the drama at all costs even if it means forcing another pregnancy on Ms Nyamu.

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu


I know it sounds fun but this also helps us see how kenyans view the senator and from what i have gathered is that most feel she ‘traps’ the guy with pregnancies. Hold up, not my words – but those of fans who have been keeping up with the two since 2020.

Honestly fingers crossed she is not pregnant, because if she is – Karen Nyamu will have proven many right that she is forcefully holding on to Samidoh who will never keep her as a second wife.


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